Baghdad & Beyond
by Cameron Powers & Kristina Sophia

Baghdad and Beyond


This CD features four of the popular Arabic songs sung frequently by Cameron & Kristina in the Arab world: Sawah, Fogi Nahel, Daret el Ayam and A'tini Nay

Download Sample Tracks:

Track 3 "Kardthyamu Kaimeni"

Track 7 "Oud Taxim"

Song Titles:

(For Lyrics and Translations click on Song Titles)

1) A'tini Nai
Lebanese Popular song sung by Fairuz,
written by Najieb Hankash, lyrics by Khalil Gibran
"Bring the Flute and Sing" (see lyrics below)
Cameron Powers (Nay, Guitar, Oud, Bass)
Kristina Sophia (Vocals, Riq)

2) Fogi Nahel
Iraqi Popular song sung by many well known Iraqi singers since the 1930's
This version is styled after that of Sabah Fakri, popular Syrian singer
Cameron Powers (Oud, Nay, Vocals)
Kristina Sophia (Vocals)
Jesse Manno (Flute, Vocals)
James Hoskins (Cello, Vocals)
Zahara (Percussion -- Darabukka)
Daune Greene (Percussion -- Riq)

3) Kardthyamu Kaimeni
Greek Popular Song
"My Poor Heart... No One Loves Me"
Cameron Powers (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)
Kristina Sophia (Vocals)

4) Daret el Ayam
Egyptian Popular song written for Um Kolthoum
by Beligh Hamdi
"Days Go By and I Cannot Live without my Love"
Kristina Sophia (Vocals)
Cameron Powers (Oud, Vocals)
Jesse Manno (Flute)
James Hoskins (Cello)
Zahara (Percussion -- Darabukka)
Daune Greene (Percussion -- Riq)

5) Oud Taxim
Cameron Powers (Solo Oud Improvisation)
Several traditional Arabic scales (maqamat) are visited so that their flavors may be experienced

6) Sawah
Egyptian Popular song composed and sung by Abd' al Halim Hafez
"I Feel Like a Stranger Walking Alone Missing My Love"
Cameron Powers (Oud, Vocals)
Kristina Sophia (Vocals)
Jesse Manno (Flute, Vocals)
James Hoskins (Cello, Vocals)
Zahara (Percussion -- Darabukka)
Daune Greene (Percussion -- Riq)

7) Hasapiko
Instrumetal Greek Dance Song with Poem by Cameron Powers
"The Eyes of Egypt are Upon You" (see lyrics below)
Cameron Powers (Guitar, Bouzouki, Bass, Oud, Synth)
Zahara (Percussion -- Darabukka)


I don't usually write fan letters, but I have to tell you your latest cd, Baghdad and Beyond, is really amazing. They're all good, but this one has something extra about it. Lots of interesting subtlety. And I always get a kick out of the last cut, the one with the bedouins. Ha! -- Doug





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Thank you so much for sharing  the CD Baghdad and Beyond with me. I have been listening to it for the last two days and I really like the way that you have done these songs. Kristina’s voice is very beautiful and your two voices go together very well. Cameron did a great job at singing and playing these hard styles of Arabic music. I did not expect to hear what I heard. Congratulation on a job well done and I am sure that many Arabs just like me appreciate all this great effort and hard work that you both have done and still doing. You are doing  our culture a big favor. I love you both and wish you all the best. May God keeps on blessing you and using you as part of his beautiful hearted angels. Love, -- Naser Musa