Deep Harmonic Meditation CD

Deep Harmonic Meditation CD

Leaping toward the light...
Relaxing into the dark....
This music for Meditation, Movement and Massage with harmonic roots in ancient Egypt, India, will take you there...
Give it a try... There is no other meditation music like this...

Composed and Created by Cameron Powers


Meditate in a perfectly tuned soundscape...

Bring perfect harmony into your dance or yoga... Bring a vibrationally perfect soundfield to your massage parlor... Find out what we have been missing for the last 150 years...

Musical notes based on the 12th root of two do not nest together and can never create real harmony.
Ancient musical harmonies based on simple mathematical ratios can create perfect pure harmony.
Which kind of music do you want to meditate to?
Which kind of music would you want to do yoga to?
Which kind of music would you want to give or receive your massage to?
Unfortunately our American and European music has been slightly out of tune since the invention of the keyboard-convenient equal temperament.
But with modern musical technology we can go back to perfect harmony!
We can once again experience the deeply restful bliss of perfect vibrational sound fields.


20 tracks composed in the following Egyptian modes, or “maqams:

Track 01: Bright Stars - Jaharka in F
Track 02: Perfect Balance - Shehnaz in D
Track 03: Angel Voice - Suznak in G
Track 04: Ancient Mystery - Hijaz Awji in D
Track 05: Labyrinth - Rahat al Arwah in B half-flat
Track 06: Baby Steps - Athar Kurd in G
Track 07: Celestial Stairway - Ajem in Bb
Track 08: Global Shift - Husseyni in D
Track 09: Wanderer - Huzam in E half-flat
Track 10: Ultimate Romance - Saba in D
Track 11: Garden Flowers - Nakriz in C
Track 12: Brilliant Elevation - Bayati in D
Track 13: Galactic Flight - Sikah in E half flat
Track 14: Forbidden Journey - Kurd in D
Track 15: Purple Flowers - Nahawand1 in C
Track 16: Exotic Plateau - Shuri in D
Track 17: Lover Song - Nahawand2 in C
Track 18: Giant Leap - Nawa Athar in G
Track 19: First Love - Hijaz Gharib in D
Track 20: Returning Home - Rast in G
Egyptian Maqam and Indian Raga Equivalences:
Suznak = Nat Bairav; Hijaz Awji = Ahir Bhairav; Ajem = Bilaval; Husseyni = Kafi; Kurd = Bhairavi; Nahawand1 = Asavari; Nahawand2 = Kirwani; Nawa Athar = Simhendramadhyamam; Hijaz Gharib = Basant Mukjari
Copyright © 2014 by Cameron Powers

Try these perfectly tuned mediation fields and see how it feels. Vibration is the basic substance of the universe.

Why not immerse yourself in the vibrations of perfect harmony? Why not experience the magic of traditional music scale tunings from the ancient classical traditions of Egypt and India? There is a magic carpet meditation ride waiting for you! Find a quiet space, settle into mediation posture and play these tracks. Move into slow sacred dance... Move more deeply into your yoga postures. Share this deep vibrational experience with a soul-mate...


Traditional Music Scales of Egypt and India – Twenty Different Microtonal Modes
Surround your meditation with the perfect harmonies of just intonation. The intervals between the notes in these scales are perfectly tuned according to the laws of physics. The sound frequencies of the different notes in these scales literally nest together.

Composer Cameron Powers has created this possibility for you using perfectly tuned samples of cello, hammered dulcimer with the addition of Kristina Sophia’s perfectly tuned vocals.

Additional Special Thanks to these musicians from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Little Armenia (New York City), Azerbaijan, Palestine and Syria who guided Cameron into the world of “justly intonated” “perfectly harmonious” “microtonal quarter-tone” music:
Atef Abd elHameed, Faruk Tekbilek, Georges Lammam, Haig Manoukian, Jalaladin Takesh, Jihad from Amman, Joe Zeytoonian, Ibrahim Sukar, Muhsin al Hashimi, Nabil Azzam, Naser Musa, Psonis and Juliaras from Athens, Qadry Srour, Saadoun al Bayati, Souhail Kaspar, Souren Baronian, and so many more!
Additional Super Special Thanks to the Cameron Powers Project Band Members!
This group of Boulder, Colorado-based musicians has got the magic, the skill, the stamina and the deep loving friendship to collectively work toward mastery of these magical music scales! Check out their latest CD!
Each of these 20 tracks is composed in a different Egyptian musical mode or “maqam.”
Many of these scales also correspond to traditional Indian modes or “ragas.”
To learn more about harmonic perfections available in microtonal music scales which survive from ancient times in places like India and Egypt, pick up a copy of Cameron’s latest book, “Harmonic Secrets of Arabic Music.”
The non-profit organization Musical Missions of Peace was created to help perpetuate the Musical Ambassador activities of Cameron Powers, Kristina Sophia and others who have traveled and performed in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia with the intention of honoring beautiful indigenous music and dance traditions.


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