Lost Harmonies of the Nile

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology


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Five Hours Total Music

Enough to Fill 5 CD's

Easy Ecstasy
Harmonic Intervals which Nest Together
Following the Ancient Laws of Physics
Light Up Your Soul -- Feel the Difference

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called Jaharka Geranium Sample  

Traditional Egyptian Musical Modes
Twenty Distinct Scales
in Perfect Harmony


Learn About Perfect Harmony
Watch This YouTube Video

Cameron Powers Explains
Ancient Principles of Acoustics
with Deepak Chopra and Jill Purce

There are a lot of Meditation Music Publishers out there
who are creating some beautiful products...

But none of them have brought together
the true musical magic
of dozens of microtonal notes per octave
all in mathematically perfect justly intonated harmony
and all derived from Egyptian musical tradition...
These recordings are absolutely one-of-a-kind and unique...

Meditation, Yoga, Massage CD's

I don't need to study this more,
I want to purchase these tracks!

What is Perfect Harmony? ch
Above we see two wavelengths
from 2 different Notes 
in a music scale which are in Perfect Harmony.
There is a simple mathematical ratio, like 3 to 2,
which defines this Harmony.
You can see that the Harmonious notes nest together and
consequently sound GREAT together!



"I LOVE IT.....LOVE IT.........LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! 
What a wonderful.... wonderful soundscape that invites the parasympathetic nervous system, and seeps into the healing of the unconscious mind. 
Cameron.....It's incredible.........
I'm so excited about what you have created here."

Harmonograph of actual sound
of a perfectly harmonious interval:

j5 hc

Now, unfortunately, the musical intervals
in modern Western culture
actually look and feel like this: uc
Here we see two wavelengths
from 2 different Notes in a music scale 
which are NOT in Perfect Harmony...
There is no simple mathematical ratio
which defines their relationship.

You can see that the notes
do NOT nest together 
and consequently they don't sound harmonious 
to someone who has learned to listen carefully!

Harmonograph of actual sound
of slightly out-of-tune
modern Western
equal tempered musical interval:

j5 uc

You can see that the resonances
are not quite balanced and symmetrical

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Images Here


Unfortunately, Western culture lost
its Harmonious Musical Tuning
about 150 years ago and
most European and American audiences
can no longer even hear the difference.

This is why Sacred Music
has been Lost in the West.
And this is why we all feel like
something is missing in our Sacred Music...

I don't need to study this more,
I want to purchase these tracks!

So can YOU really
Hear and Feel the Difference?

Let's practice
with the visuals and audio
samples below.

Perfect Harmony: See and Feel It hc
Here are the Waves of 2 Perfectly Harmonious notes
as seen from a distance.
We don't need to actually count the wave intervals 
in order to see the symmetrical harmonious underlying patterns.

Listen to this Perfectly Harmonious
Justly Intonated musical sequence:

Click here for the MP3 file
called Just Intonation Sample


Now for a sample of the Out-of-Tune music
we have in the Western World
thanks to our fascination with keyboards...
No one likes to have to think
that their favorite music has been
forced out-of-tune by some
standard Western tuning practices,
but sadly, that is the situation...

Modern Out-of-Tune
Equal Tempered Harmony:
See and Feel It uc
Here are the Waves of 2 not-so-harmonious
"equally tempered" notes
as seen from a distance.
Note the skewing and distortion
of symmetrical visual patterns.

Seeing the pattern from a distance 
reveals the presence -or absence- of wholistic 
waveform patterns and interactions.


Now listen to these Out-of-Tune
"equally-tempered" intervals
we listen to today:


Click here for the MP3 file
called Equal Tempered Sample

Kind of coarse on the ear, actually,
compared to the tuned harmonious version
we listened to before...

When we listen to Perfectly Harmonious
music we can FEEL the difference!
We cannot necessarily explain it with words.
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Cameron Powers has just now completed
years of study and work with
the publication of Five Hours of Sacred Music
in Perfect Harmony built from his study
of dozens of traditional Egyptian musical scales.

Listen to another Perfectly Harmonious
Justly Intonated musical sequence:


Click here for the MP3 file
called Hijaz Gharib Cistus Sample


This is one of twenty traditional Egyptian
music scales which preserve ancient harmony!
The harmonic intervals in all 20 of these Egyptian music scales 
are in mathematically perfect relationship.
It just could be that Western music
could find a way back to perfect harmony...
First step: learn about it...
Second step: experience it...

Cameron has used
state-of-the-art electronica 
to create these compositions
so the Perfect Harmony is guaranteed.

The vocal additions
by skilled songstress
Kristina Sophia
add just the right
personal touches
to the recordings...

There are actually
THREE kinds of Perfect Harmony
presented in these compositions.

1) All the notes in each music scale
are "justly intonated" 
so they are in perfect harmony with relation
to the first note in each scale. 
The first note in the scale is audible
throughout each composition 
so that these perfect intervals
can be heard and felt.

2) The same "justly intonated" relationships
between the notes in each scale 
can be heard when more than one note is played.
This is the kind of harmony
for which Western audiences still listen.

3) The Harmonic Series,
a sequence of 3 to 2 intervals called "5th" 
is generated in the background from the tonic. 
This gives the same kinds of perfect harmonics which we enjoy 
in the singing of Tibetan monks or from Crystal Bowls.

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Ancient Musical Wisdom
Modern Musical Technology!

Something Powerfully New...

The Universe is Made of Music...

These Traditional Egyptian Musical Scales
Preserve the Ancient Insights
into Universal Harmony...

You can align the harmony
of your inner being
with Deep Listening!

Review Comments:

"the next four tracks were
another wonderful experience, Cameron!...

...there is a feeling that it organizes
my energy field..."

"It feels like the return of chi energy
into my body..."

"It's more than music... it's an energy field..."

"This is the music I want to be hearing
when I die!"

"This is better than silence! And for me to say that means a lot!"


And there is something else
which has been missing
in our modern music...
Read on...

"Imagine all artists are told by the art industry that 12 standard colors are enough for their art, and there is never a need to tint or shade or mix colors. Practically speaking, this is the situation which exists in the music world today. 12 equally spaced pitches per octave are the default modern music industry standard, but 12 pitches represent less than 5% of the pitches that the average person is capable of responding to. Research has proven that on average, around 200 different pitches can be heard within one octave, and like unique colors, they all have unique effects; many more than 12 of them sound “good”; in fact, they are all expressive and useful for art. Imagine what kind of new music is possible when all of the pitches are available…"
— Aaron Andrew Hunt
In other words, the music we hear all around us
in the modern Western world
can only be as expressive as this:


Whereas, with a full musical palette,
we should be able to express ourselves like this:


The Egyptian scales in these recordings
include many more notes per octave
than are allowed in our Western tuning
so that we can feel and enjoy
the full artistic musical expressiveness
familiar to the musicians of ancient times!

And all of the notes are in perfect harmony!


"Just to let you know, we played the maqam songs
you sent me for two days straight
on the Olympic Peninsula.
Very calming, and they never get old." --Thanks, Buck


Good work!
It's great to see intervallic relationships
understood and applied so well.
I wonder how many people even comprehend
what's going on here?
So inured we all are to the tampered intervals?
Yet this is all ancient knowledge -- the musicians
have been the scientists all along,
back before beauty and cultural meaning
were separated from scientific knowledge.
With great respect for your life's work,
and also a friendly hello...
-- Stith


I've just had the pleasure of taking one week to listen to Cameron Powers' Soundscapes CD's. I must admit that I was not impressed in the beginning.  CD 1 sounded sharp, flat, out of tune with odd rhythms.  I meditated with it, then by the time I went to bed I decided to put it on repeat and give it a try. By morning it was sounding like a language I was beginning to understand.  That night felt like the first of a detox cleanse, letting go of sounds that were
'normal' and trading them for harmonics that were strange, but never the less,  resonated with the core of my being. 
I did this for 6 nights, letting my unconscious steep in new sound.  As the nights progressed and the CD's progressed to include more exotic scales the sounds became even less familiar.  I needed to listen to CD 4 two nights before going on to 5.  By day 3 I was craving the new sounds and curious as to what really
might be shifting in me. 
I will begin to introduce these new ways of listening to my clients as they are letting go of other old programs.  It feels like there is potential to see/hear everything in a new way.  Listening to these CD's is assisting me in cracking out of set patterns that I didn't even realize
were not working.  
Thank you Cameron for your ability to teach us to listen to the world in a more compete and harmonious way. 
BeverLi Joi
I loved the CDs. The music feels familiar.
I dont get tired of hearing it over and over.
Which shows me its high Vibe music!
-- Mica



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